Pumpherston Auto Centre

Pumpherston Auto Centre came to us looking for an upgrade. Their existing security system wasn't just outdated and no longer fit for their needs, but had been singled out by their insurance provider.

As the client was a busy garage, Libertas were faced with a unique challenge – Their upgraded security system didn't just need to be comprehensive and carried out to the meticulous standards of their insurance provider, but installed in such a way to minimise disruption to their business operations.








How did Libertas Systems do it?

Understand the unique needs of our clients is a core of our service.

We started with a thorough site visit to meet with the Pumpherston Auto Centre team to not only see their business premises for ourselves, but to gain a deep understanding of their specific requirements, the criteria set out by their provider and any areas for concerns.

With this information in hand, we designed a customised security solution that addressed their coverage and left no stone unturned, while being simple enough to install around their busy work schedule.

Libertas Systems garage property CCTV installation on roof of property

What did we install?

Within a week, we had installed a robust security system that provided Pumpherston Auto Centre with complete peace of mind.

HIGH-DEFINITION CCTV – Six strategically-placed HD cameras were installed throughout the garage to provide comprehensive visual coverage of the premises, with careful attention being paid to address the blind spots in their previous security system.

NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER (NVR) – These cameras connect to an NVR for easy storage and playback of footage, allowing for a thorough review if needed. An on-site monitor provides real-time viewing for immediate awareness of activity.

REMOTE VIEWING FUNCTIONALITY – Our new system offers the most valuable feature for a busy business owner – Remote access. The head of Pumpherston Auto Centre can now monitor his business from his smartphone, allowing him to check in anytime and anywhere.
Comprehensive Intruder Alarm – Designed around 9 dedicated zones covering doors, roller shutter entrance and other critical areas, this intruder alarm system provides a robust layer of additional security.
Remote Alerts – Similar to the CCTV system, this alarm can send alerts to the client's phone for immediate notification of any activations. This ensures a swift response in case of a security breach.



The result of our installation?

Pumpherston Auto Centre now benefit from a state-of-the-art security system that meets their insurance requirements and provides them with both complete control and peace of mind.

They can now focus on their business operations, knowing their property is protected 24/7 and their insurance continues to be valid.



Concerned about your business's security system?

Libertas have the practical skills and technical know-how to design and install a modern security system that both meets your exact needs and minimises disruption to your business operations.

Simply contact us on 07956229803 or 07956229804 alternatively email us on info@libertassystems.co.uk to arrange a free on-site consultation.