At Libertas Systems in Central Scotland, we have a wide range of CCTV solutions for your property. You can include high definition images, object tracking, temperature screening, and facial recognition in your CCTV system. How many cameras, and where to position them is also an important point to consider during installation. We provide full consultation and a site survey, and can provide a quote with options for you to choose from if you need.


Security Company in Airdrie and Scotland CCTV screens in security office

Security Company in Airdrie and Scotland family home security being monitored via a smart phone


  • Remote Viewing
  • Analytics
  • High Definition CCTV
  • Night time surveillance
  • Object tracking
  • Temperature screening cameras
  • Smart solutions
  • Facial recognition
  • Network video
  • People counting systems
  • Perimeter security
  • Live view via phone apps